An Introduction to Linux Font Management with Fonty Python

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An Introduction to Linux Font Management with Fonty Python

July 4, 2012
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Yes there an app to manage fonts in linux! I’ve tried several methods and Fonty Python proved to be a very stable and effective app for this task.

When I first got into font collecting, I made the same mistake in Linux as I did on the windows platform. They were all added to my .fonts directory. Later on I discovered that I could manually move batches of fonts from this directory to help with computer performance issues. Then I tried FontMatrix. This ultimately ended up disastrous. Apparently the developer of that app never finished it, so the uninstall part does not work. Finally I found Fonty Python and did a little happy dance.

Fonty Python basically performs the same task that I was doing manually when adding/removing folders from my .fonts directory.

1. Install Fonty Python

Search for “Fonty Python” in whichever package manager your distro uses. If you’re running a debian based distro you can install via the command line:

sudo apt-get install fontypython

2. Create a Pog

In the bottom right hand side of the app there’s a button for creating a new pog. You can choose a name for it.

3. Add fonts to your pog

Note: You can only add fonts to a pog if it is not currently installed.

a. Click on pog name in the right side pane to select it
b. Browse to the directory where your fonts are located in the left side pane.
c. Click on folder to select it.
d. You can either click to select fonts one by one, or go to Selection>Select ALL the source fonts within the chosen folder.
e. Put fonts into your selected pog

4. Install your pog

Click on the install pog button and viola!  Your fonts are installed for use with your design projects. To uninstall a pog: Click on the uninstall pog button to remove the fonts from your .fonts directory.

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