Free Fonts that Look Great with These Bargain Design Sets

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Free Fonts that Look Great with These Bargain Design Sets

September 29, 2020
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Finding the perfect combination of a font and a graphic can be a deal breaker when it comes to creating a stunning piece of artwork.

Before choosing the right fonts and graphics for your designs, you need to think about what aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you want your design to spark joy, have a relaxed cool feel, or exude minimalist chic? Picking the perfect combination can make or break this.

In this post, you will find a set of 10 perfectly matched combinations between 10 premium free fonts, and 10 affordable design sets. All the elements in the examples below are available at Creative Fabrica.

Creative Fabrica is the ultimate graphic design and font library for creatives and crafters. Their premium graphics category features fantastic design kits at the most affordable prices. Every purchase includes a lifetime license for personal and commercial use.

Members of Creative Fabrica’s subscription plan have unlimited access to all the perks of the site. If you want a teaser of everything they have to offer, check out their Freebies section. All the fonts featured in this article are part of their free fonts library.

Take a look at these unique combos and get inspired for your next project!


A Glossy Combination for Feminine Designs

This first combo pairs the Gila font with the Candy Marble Backgrounds collection. Gila is a bold, sans serif font; it’s an elegant, refined choice for professional and creative purposes.

The text color has been chosen to match this shiny marbled background. The bold, straight strokes of the characters are the perfect complement to the swirled lines of the pattern.

This combo is ideal for any project that requires a girly touch. It is perfect for birthday invitations, but it’s also cool for decorative items or stationery. Why not try this combination on a poster? The result is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention.

Retro Aesthetics with a 70’s Vibe

The Roustel font is a fresh script type with a spontaneous feel, making it the ideal match for this retro sunset striped background. The vintage look of the resulting composition is charming and rustic. This combo is excellent for anyone who wants to achieve a strong 70’s vibe.

The slightly muted color palette of this clipart is a perfect distillation of pure nostalgia. You can use it as a central element on any composition. This combo is an excellent choice for a logo, but also a poster, a tote bag, a postcard, or a retro T-shirt.

Cartoony Strokes for Fresh Compositions

The Potato Pancakes font complements the Boho Rainbows Digital Paper Set perfectly. The care-free, bold strokes of the characters echo the similar, handmade aesthetic of the rainbows.

This combo is ideal for sweet, playful projects. The small hearts and stars add a cute childlike touch. In the example above, you can see how this combination works on a greeting card.

You can also use these designs on baby bibs, onesies, wall decorations, blankets and rugs. If you write your message in the same color palette as the pattern, all the elements will blend together perfectly.

An Elegant, Timeless Choice

If you are looking to create a more elegant design, such as a wedding invitation, this combination is ideal. You can create your version of this card by combining the Colombia Font and the Watercolor Flower Bouquet Arrangements set. Both elements are simple, traditional, and classy.

This pairing is perfect for anyone who is organizing a wedding on a budget, without compromising on style. You can create invitations, RSVP cards, table signals, and greeting cards. You could even create a design and print it on a cake topper! Everyone will be in awe of these charming, DIY details!

If you are not organizing an event, you can also use these designs on floral t-shirts, stationery, or wall decorations. Watercolor florals are a timeless choice!

The Perfect Match for Kitchens and Restaurants

The image below combines the Open Heart Font with the Kitchen clipart. This handwritten font matches the cute watercolor drawings. All the elements share a hand-made aesthetic and use the same soft, pastel color palette. This combination works well as a fun, yet professional business card for a restaurant.

You can play around with all the elements and create designs for different purposes. Experiment, and try designing a textile pattern for use on aprons, table cloths, menus, posters, and wallpaper.

This design set features a variety of drawings so that you can create many designs- all at a bargain price. You won’t regret this unique choice!

A Fancy Combination for Creatives

This stunning card is the result of mixing the Mama font and the Abstract Digital Papers collection. This elegant handwritten font is the perfect complement to this out-of-this world background.

You can use this combo on a range of different projects, both printed and digital. This mix is perfect for creating banners and cover pics for your social media accounts.

You can use one of the backgrounds on its own, or combine multiple papers to create something even more unique. Remember to pick a color from the same palette for your letterings. This will create an even more unified look!

Cozy Fall Aesthetics

This banner combines the Blast font with the Fall Apple Cider Girls Clipart. The combination has a fresh, cozy look. It’s the perfect choice for any Fall project!

You can combine these assets on hoodies, tote bags, or T-shirts. Every character of the clipart set can be the protagonist of a different composition. These girls will also look stunning on a poster.

Kids will love to see these designs on the cover of their notebooks and diaries. Autumnal aesthetics are the best choice for seasonal and back to school crafts.

Chunky Strokes for Fun Designs

The Brandon Bromley font matches the Diggers paper set correctly. The fun, chunky characters of the font are a perfect fit for the charming drawings of this industrial-themed set of papers.

In this image, you can see a fun banner. This combo is an excellent opportunity to share a message in a charming way. Include these assets in your brand kit, and print out the letters in color, following the same palette.

Try this combination in notebooks, business cards, and branded gifts. These diggers can both represent toys, or the machines of a builder or an architect. Their fun aspect will invigorate any project.

An Elegant Combo for Fashionistas

The Predators font is a dreamy match for the Gold Marble Digital Paper Set perfectly. For a sophisticated look, use a complementary color for your characters.

In the image above, you can see this combination in a banner for a jewellery collection. The chic feel of these design assets make them suited to any fashion-related project. Try printing your designs on boxes, greeting cards, or even price tags for your products. With this aesthetic, your packaging is certain to leave a lasting impression!

The Sweetest Nursery Designs

Try mixing the Angelika Playful Font with the Kids Animal Vol.1 set, and you’ll get the sweetest results for your child-related projects. The playful sans serif letters make excellent company for these animal illustrations.

This mix is perfect for decorative elements, party materials, beautiful clothes, and stationery. The soft pastel colors are an excellent choice for both boys and girls. Give this combo a try. You will see you won’t regret it!

Now it’s your turn to match unique free fonts with bargain design assets. Enjoy creating new artwork!

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