20 Useful Sets of Free Social Media Icons for Web Design

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20 Useful Sets of Free Social Media Icons for Web Design

January 4, 2014
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We’ve been getting a lot of new web projects coming through lately, some leaning more into the corporate design style. While looking for some social media icons, we put together this list of some nice finds to share with you. If you are on the go and don’t have time to create your own icon sets from scratch, these should be a useful time saver. There are also a few icon sets that would be useful for putting together a forum or for eCommerce template design.

Free Social Icons

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Somacro Social Media Icons

square, twitter, facebook, dribble, pinterest, instagram, vimeo, spotify, linkedin, forrst, behance, deviantart, soundcloud, skype, steam, youtube, onenote

Bean Social Icon Set

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Free Flat Social Icons Vector

Free Flat Animated SVG Icons with Pure CSS

Animated SVG Icons with Pure CSS

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Free Flat Vector Icons

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The Social Media Badges Icon Set

Simple Flat Social Icons

Nautical Vector Icons

Free Flat Social Media Icons

Social Icons, Social Buttons, stitched, hand stitched, earthy,

Hand Stitched Social Bookmarking Icons

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Free Long Shadow Social Media Icons

Free Social media Icons & PSD

Free Social Icons

5 O’Clock Shades Icons

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PSD Flat Social Icons

Payment Gateway / Ecommerce Icons

payment gateway icons, credit card icons, ecommerce icons, free

Free Payment Gateway Icons

payment gateway icons, credit card icons, ecommerce icons, free

Free eCommerce Icons PSD, PNG & AI

Forum or Blog Comments Avatars – Blank Silhouette

Free Ecommerce Icons

Surfing Icons



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