20 Gorgeous and Free Brush Fonts

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20 Gorgeous and Free Brush Fonts

November 11, 2015
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How many of you are still infatuated with the brush font trend? We recently spent some time on a graphic design project with a request for hand lettered beauty. After perusing over pages of  inspiring and luscious brush script, our obsession does not cease. For those that aren't yet ready to take the plunge into creating their own lettering, here's a batch of 20 free brush fonts to whet your appetite.

20 Gorgeous and Free Brush Fonts

1. CF Expedition 2. Cheddar Jack 3. Baby Fox 4. Chasing Embers 5. Manus 6. Olivier 7. Brusher

8. Brushtip C 9. Polo Brush 10. DK Ruby Red 11. Pennellino 12. Origo 13. Movus BrushPen

14. Ignite the Light 15. Sensei 16. Debby 17. Andrea 18. Besom 19. Rissa 20. Sophia Script

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