Vintage Posters | Harry Houdini

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Vintage Posters | Harry Houdini

November 23, 2010
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“A small, squat man is speaking before a huge crowd. All eyes are cast upon him, most in awe, some in adoration, and others in complete envy. Yet, all are rapt. Casting aside the realities of their everyday lives, they have willingly entered a world where disbelief is common, where the impossible frequently happens and where anything is seemingly possible.”
Yellow Magpie

My 12 year old son has an affinity for magic tricks and slight of hand.  He’s scoured the web for YouTube videos and has purchased numerous books and magic kits to ascertain the tricks of the trade.  Inspired by this and my love for vintage typography I bring to you this selection of Houdini themed vintage posters.

King Of Cards

Image Source: The Library of Congress American Memory


movie losters | vintage harry houdini

Image Source: The Library of Congress American Memory


vintage posters | harry houdini - the houdinis

Image Source: Houdini Tribe

The Worlds Handcuff King and Prison Breaker

harry houdini antique posters art collection

Image Source:

Houdini as a Ghostbusterharry houdini vintage poster | old art

Source: Wikimedia
Houdini Challengevintage posters | harry houdini
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Vintage Ticket

Image Source:
The King of Handcuffsold photographs | harry houdini
Image Source:

vintage art | harry houdini poster

Image Source: Posters Please

King Of Cards

vintage art - harry houdini metamorphosis

Image Source: The Library of Congress American MemoryHoudini Font Source:

Akenaten Font Source: FontSpace

Post Title Image Source: Yellow Magpie



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