Vintage Graphic Design – Beautiful Lace Brushes

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Vintage Graphic Design – Beautiful Lace Brushes

February 27, 2011
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I’ve been working on another project resource hunt that was just calling for a blog post to share the digs with everyone. These vintage lace brushes are great for personal and commercial design projects. The brush selection range from gimp gbr, photoshop .abr, one in adobe illustrator brush format, and even a paint shop pro lace brush is in the mix. Each designer has their own terms of use, so I’ve carefully listed each item to respect the artists requests.

Believe it or not, I go back on some of these posts to reference the items myself. If you’re interested in more resources, check out the Design Share Blog, which has lots of fun goodies, all categorized by tag with TOU references as well. If you’re curious about that blog’s inception, you can read about it in the Design Share Launch post.
Have fun & Enjoy!

Lace Brushes for Photoshop by: NadinePau-Stock

Lace Trimmings Brushes by:  Reb70 Terms: Backlink

Lace Brushes by: Myruso | Additional Images Terms: Backlink

Mesh Lace & Fringe Brushes by: Falln-Stock Terms: Backlink

Antique Lace Brushes by: Scully7491 | Terms: Non Commercial Use & Credit

PS Brushes: Lace X4 by: pokukene | Terms: None Specified

Lace Brushes by: Scully7491 | Terms: Non Commercial Use & Credit

Antique Lace Set 3 (Gimp Brushes) by: surfing ant | Terms: Likes Comments & Faves

Antique Lace Set 2 (Gimp Brushes) | by: surfing ant | Terms: Likes Comments & Faves

Lace Brush Set | by: ashzstock | Terms: Contact & Linkback

Lace Brush Set | by: CourtHouse | Terms: None Specified, yes please use the brushes

MDS Lace Photoshop Brushes | by: MofineDollStock | Terms: Would like linkback & DA note

Victorian Lace Brushes | by: kendravixie | Terms: None Specified

Lace III | by: reb70 | Terms: Would like link (DA comment or note)

Lace Brushes | by: Green Eyed Butterfly | Terms: Personal Use

Dentelles by: Elbereth de Lioncour

Lace Borders | by: jujubinha | Terms: None Specified

Lace | by: ishtarian | Terms: None Specified

Dark Sweet Brushes | by: Irmes | Terms: None Specified

Lace | by: EveryRoseDesigns | Terms: Ask permission for CU & Backlink

Lace Brush by: clowx | Terms: Credit

Lace Illustrator Brushes by: jassymonster | Terms: Personal Use

Lace by: AMPenizer | Terms: Notify with link of finished item

Lace Hearts (Paint Shop Pro) | by: SynZaVampyre | Terms: Credit & Link

Brushet JL08 |  by: Misverstand | Terms: None Specified

Clipart Vintage Lace | by: LemonJitters | Terms: Commercial use
Tip: To make them brushes you will need to adjust curves to make the lace darker and then define them as a brush
Photoshop: Image>adjustments>curves — Drag the line near the bottom to the right, then cut each piece of lace out and Edit>define brush preset
Gimp: Colors>Curves — Drag the line near the bottom to the right, then cut each piece of lace out and File>Save as>gbr



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