Tragic! Do Some People Have No Conscience?

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Tragic! Do Some People Have No Conscience?

December 13, 2011
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What is it with some people?  There are people who do things like grab some free resources they like and then post them to their galleries on DeviantArt. This story is even worse.

Rant: Several months ago I found someone who posted one of Nymfont’s fonts as their own. I mean if they like a font, why not MAKE something with the font and then link up to the person’s site, you know? I mean what the heck? Don’t these people realize that the person who made these resources spent hours and hours and hours creating this stuff? There are many many situations of thievery like this. Someone even stole Nymph’s blog design a couple of months ago – right down to the favicon!

Ok, so this next situation is just insane!

I’ve been working on some resources in my spare time that are solely for gimp and inkscape. It’s part of my *doodle therapy* time. I went over to Marmite Mamie’s profile to see what she’s been up to lately. I highly respect this woman as a digital designer. She ROCKS. Well when I arrived on her profile, the majority of her resources were gone. So I take a peek at her journal to see if there’s a reason for this.

Someone STOLE her work and posted it on ETSY for SALE!! Not only that, this woman even stole her name! Look at these screen-shots below.

The Story:
The Thief Diary – Marmite Mamie
Images Below from Regretsy Article

Can you believe this? I’m just in shock. Last night I was so tired and ready for bed… I was so sad in the thoughts that all of Marmite Mamie’s resources would be gone forever. Apparently she’s going to re-post them with some modifications to the previews and TOU.

It looks like she’s gone ahead and made her own shop on Etsy. I highly encourage supporting this amazing artist.

Check it out:

You can also follow her on twitter here:!/MarmiteMamie



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