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Free CU Digital Scrapbook Kit – Happy Day

June 12, 2011
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To those of you who’ve been looking forward to this free digiscrap kit, it has finally made it!!! It has been a busy week, and my DSL connection is really really slow compared to most. We decided to have dinner at a local restaurant Saturday night that has smokin’ fast DSL. What takes 5 hours […]

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Photoshop Gimp Brushes – 40 Free Hootie Owls

March 1, 2011
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Today’s freebie: 40 super high res owl brushes for photo shop and gimp  lovingly crafted & packaged just for you! A few of the images are sourced from The rest I found on various free unrestricted clipart sites. Some sourced from a couple of teacher’s educational reference material blogs containing public domain craft work […]

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CU Freebie Custom Shapes Tags n’ Ribbons

January 26, 2011
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Up for grabs today is a lovely set of tag and ribbon custom shapes.  I’ll likely be making some variations of them as the ribbons turned bit too fat for my liking. There’s definitely room for improvement here. They are my very first shapes, so all in all they turned out pretty well. With this set […]

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