Retro, Vintage and Western Website Designs from Around the Web

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Retro, Vintage and Western Website Designs from Around the Web

February 4, 2011
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I’ve always had an affinity for vintage/retro/western stuff.  The western love may have risen from me helping my mom stuff hand-made frostline “Billy Bob” jackets with goose down we plucked from geese my dad hunted.  You know, the kind of shirts that have the glassy covered pearly snaps?

I never really liked country music that was non traditional – although I did absolutely love oldies music when I was a kid.  I had a chance to work at a thrift store as a young adult, where we would blare the oldies station while pulling in vintage goodies every now and then. These items were prized to me, which likely has kindled a curiosity for vintage, western and retro web design layouts.

Cascade Brewery


Christmas at Biltmore

Thomas Antiques

Iron to Iron

Mom & Popcorn

Fox on a Hill

The Railroad Revival Tour

Total Body Care

Living Design 

Pointless Corp

All Things Old Timey

Rob Edwards

Team Fannypack

Cuban Council

Heather Waller Design

Tennessee Vacation


The Threepenny Editor

Outlaw Design BlogThe Outlaw Design Blog is going through some redesign staging. I think it’s one of my absolute favorites though. I’m a big fan of rich earthy colors. The design on this one has been through a few changes. I managed to find a picture of what I believe  to be it’s original design.

I’m looking forward to seeing what @DannyOutlaw has in store for us in his next completed design revision. In the mean time, check out these adorable pictures of his new baby boy!



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