19 High Quality Photo Shop Gimp Brush Sets to Make Your Day

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19 High Quality Photo Shop Gimp Brush Sets to Make Your Day

May 26, 2011
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High res photoshop brushes are the fancy of the day.  I had to browse through my subscriptions today to see what’s going on in the design world.  Lots of fresh new goodies arriving on the scene, and a nice variety too! There are some calligraphy frame border brushes, french looking crown with wreath, bokeh brushes and even some carnival in the mix. Can’t forget the textures & swirls! I really like the swirly heart brush. It’s pretty neat.

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Bubble Heart PS Brushes by: Mohaafterdark
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Floral Pattern Brushes by: Anyutavladi
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4 Bokeh Brushes by: Blog Akaleez Daily Resources
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Grunge Brushes 1 by: HG Designs
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Grunge Brushes 2 by: HG Designs
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Dearest Vintage Brushes by: Pixels & Ice Cream
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Sphere 1 Brushes by: Texture Mate
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Swirl 5 Brush Pack by: Texture Mate
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Burst Brush Pack 2 by: Texture Mate
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Curtain Brushes 1 by: Texture Mate
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Grunge 6 Brushes by: Xedgewolfx
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Stitches by: HG Designs

Metro UI Brush Set by: xmihax

Photoshop FX Brushes Part 4 by: Creative Tuts

Diana’s Swirl Brushes 2 by:  DianasCreations

Calligraphy Borders & Frames by: Anyutavladi

brush circus carnival vintage by: Mochizukikaoru
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Carnival Brush Set by: Charmedbyjessica

Sticky Tape Textures & Brushes by: Fuzzimo



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