New Free Fonts for Spring 2011

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New Free Fonts for Spring 2011

March 19, 2011
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Free fonts are a beautiful thing.  For those with a love of typography, I’ve compiled a list of 25 typeface released in 2011.

Some of the font authors have been busy little bees.  There are quite a few by Måns Grebäck of Mawns Typography.  If you like his work, hop on over to his blog and leave a comment to thank him for all of his hard work.

I find it so nice that many font authors release their works free for download so you can try them. Many that are free for personal use may be used commercially if you make a donation to the author, which may be as little as $5.  It just depends on each author’s terms. Each author has their own terms defining the line between personal and commercial.  Some are totally free for commercial use with no restrictions.

Last but not least, Enjoy!

Szorakenusz by: Bumbayo

Egyptiennto2 by: Bumbayo

Outlined by: Lydia Distracted

Graphicdreamfont by: Weknow

Emmiliafont by: Weknow

Gitchgitchfont by: Weknow

Ink in The Meat Font by: Billy Argel

Fanwood by: Chemoelectric

American Purpose Casual by: The Fontry

Witches Magic by: Windowstipsclub

Tuce Font by: Bumbayo

Shit Happens by: Billy Argel

Quilted Butterfly by: David Kerkhoff

Arbour Font by: Kummaeno

Made with B Font by: Mawns Typography

Blockography Font by: Mawns Typography

Some Weatz by: Mawns Typography

Sculptors Hand by: Mawns Typography

The Unseen Font by: Brittney Murphy

Mawns Rock Font by: Mawns Typography

Don Quixote Font by: David Kerkhoff

Barkants Font by: Mawns Typography

Prognostic Font by: Mawns Typography

Ruthless Wreckin Two Font by: Mawns Typography

Rabbit on the Moon Font by: David Kerkhoff

Tevegraphy Font by: Mawns Typography



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