New Commercial Use Free Fonts from FontSpring

New Commercial Use Free Fonts from FontSpring

February 1, 2011
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For today’s font fancy we have a nice collection of free commercial use fonts, all of which have an unlimited @Font-Face licence. ¬†Designers who use @Font-Face in their web projects may have an interest in FontSpring’s recent newsletter entry for New Bulletproof @Font-Face syntax.
Don’t forget to check out our free fonts section for other typeface you may find useful.

Bosko Block

Steelfish Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, ExtraBold, ExtraBold Italic & Outline

Geometry Soft Pro Bold N

SF Hypocrisy Sketched

Neuropolitical Regular

Springsteel Serif Thin, Thin Italic, Heavy & Heavy Italic

If you aren’t current with the list of free fonts at FontSpring, check out the Free Category on their website to get a complete list.

Other Free Fonts of Note:

Merge Regular

Mufferaw Regular

Patagonia Regular



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    1. Barry Nat July 21, 2013 2:16 am

      You can also download commercial fonts for free at


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