Irresistible Free Dingbat Fonts | Part I

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Irresistible Free Dingbat Fonts | Part I

March 26, 2011
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Dingbat fonts likely have a long history in typesetting, a history in which I’d love to research in depth. When composing this post I briefly read the wikipedia entry which didn’t fully satisfy my curiosities in regards to the history of dingbats or “printer’s ornaments”. For part 2 of this post, we’ll see if I can dig up more information for the tale of the printer’s character. For now, have a look at these gorgeous dings.  I find them fascinating and irresistible.

Warning: If you go and download them all, I highly suggest using some sort of font manager, as a lot of these can be very graphics/processor intensive.  Nexus Font is what I use in windows, and it allows you to use font sets on a per need basis without installing them on your computer. If you run linux, you can run fonty python or create a  folder called .fonts in your home directory (use ctrl-H to show hidden dot files). You can switch them out on a per need basis this way manually by just renaming your working font folder to .fonts. Here’s a myfonts list by os.

Post Image Book Cover Texture by: Lost Thyme

Modified ACaslon Ornaments by: Perry Mason or Linotype?

AGA Arabesque Desktop Font by: Qomarudin

Davy’s Dingbat Font by: David Rakowski

4YEOGarden Dingbat Font by: 4YEO

Angst Dingbats One Font by: Chris Dunfield

2Peas GGs Love Me Font by: Melissa Baxter Two Peas in a Bucket

Charming Symbols Fonts by: Iacy

Beautiful Ornaments Three by: Dixie’s Delights

LiveStyle Dingbat Font by: Manfred Klein

Nymphette Font by: Lauren Thompson | Pixel Vixen

Line Dings BRK Font by: Ænigma

I’m Fell Flowers 1 by: Igino Marini

I’m Fell Flowers 2 by: Igino Marini | Brief History of the Fell Types

Obey Galleria by: Bobistheowl | ObeyGiant

The Ikea Uniform Font by: Manfred Klein

KR Overly Cloverly

Now the Weather Font by: Manfred Klein

PrositBats by: Manfred Klein

Typography Tribute by: Intellecta Design



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