I Quit My Job…

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I Quit My Job…

May 29, 2015
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Yes. I put in my resignation. Quite an announcement right? Ok, so personal blogging has not really been my thing. I get a little shy feeling with the thought of discussing my life all up close and buddy buddy. Here goes: In fall of 2013 my soul was drawn to help those in crisis, and I was accepted for a position doing direct care. It was two separate homes – CLS and crisis residential. It started out as “part time”, and was never meant to take hold of me the way it did. It was my little way of “serving the community”.

Over the last two years my loyalty to my team increased, and so did my hours. My grueling schedule started to take over my life completely. So, after some changes and a company takeover –  two weeks ago I resigned. Saturday (tomorrow) is my last night, and I’m SO looking forward to having free time and a full night’s sleep. My shift was primarily third shift by choice, for various reasons I won’t get into at this time.

Tonight is my birthday, I went out to eat with my dad and am enjoying the rest of my night in peace and quiet. My email box was full, and I started to go through some comments that needed to be approved on this blog. Well, upon approving comments I realized that parts of this blog had become a graveyard! The cufon script was gone, my logo was gone, etc. I had moved to a new server, and the scripts holding the fancy fonts together were absent. All that is fixed and a few other things too!

If you’re looking to download the Henry Van Dyke set, the download links are fixed. You should be seeing more of me soon in the blogosphere.



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