Gimp Pattern Fill Tutorial

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Gimp Pattern Fill Tutorial

July 8, 2012
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If you have ever wondered what to do with seamless patterns and are a gimp user, this tutorial will teach you how to install patterns in gimp and use them as a pattern fill in your design projects.

First, let’s install some patterns
They should be seamless tiles so when the image is filled the edges fit together correctly.

There’s been some confusion regarding the difference between digital scrap booking papers and patterns listed in my digital goods shop. Seamless patterns come in varying sizes and  can be found all over the web. You can also browse, download or create patterns at colourlovers. You can find lots of patterns listed here on this blog as well.

Seamless patterns are made in smaller sizes so when you load lots of them in your programs they don’t consume system resources. They are also made for web developers to use as tiled backgrounds in web design and are smaller in size to help lighten page speed loading time.

Linux Patterns Folder Path
Home folder>(gimp version number)>Patterns.
Note: to show hidden dot files hold down the control key and H at the same time.
Windows Patterns Folder Path 
Will be something along the lines of this depending on which version of windows you’re running…
Computer>Local Disk>Users>(username)>(gimp version number)>patterns orC:Users(username).gimp-2.8patterns
Restart Gimp or Refresh Patterns Dialogue
Shift+Control+P will bring forward your patterns dock-able dialogue, and you can click on the little circle arrow at the bottom to refresh your patterns.
Create a New Document
For full size digital scrapbooking paper, choose 12in x 12in for width & height with resolution of  300.
Select Paint Bucket Tool
Choose Pattern Fill
Windows>Dockable Dialogues>Tool Options
Once you’ve chosen pattern fill, you can select the patterns window to get a larger preview of your patterns. Shift+Control+P or Windows>Dockable Dialogues>Patterns. If you click on a pattern and hold, you’ll get a slightly larger image view.
Fill Your Document with Chosen Pattern
Once you’ve picked out what pattern you want to use, just click inside your canvas and the pattern will fill the layer.  I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful.


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