Free CU4CU Antique Digiscrap Kit

Free CU4CU Antique Digiscrap Kit

January 4, 2012
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Yet another great digiscrap freebie! This one is commercial use as well. The elements I did not make. If you would like to see where I got them, check out Bluesse on Deviantart. She has some great PNG files!! The alphabet came from here. See more of Jovan Cormac’s Typography work.

The inspiration: I was going through some old books containing 14th – 16th century decorative ornaments, and a Paul Simon song came to mind. It’s called old (lyrics). I no longer have it so I looked on the web for a youtube video or something and could not find it.

Interestingly enough I ran across this Simon and Garfunkel video, which seems fitting.

So yeah, I hope you like this freebie! It looks like it has sort of a monochromatic noise filter thing going on with it when you look at it close up. Idk what was going on with the texture I was working with – did not add the noise filter, lol! So I thought I’d make it a freebie. You can only see the noise when looking at it in full size view.

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Now for the freebie!!
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    1. suruha January 4, 2012 1:36 pm

      Hi, there! This kit is awesome! I love the way old books were decorated so ornately. Wow! You did good! Thank you!

      I know of a site; you may know it, too. But, just in case, try this site: (Check out #3 – The Pictures)

      Also, this one has cool old stuff:

      Simon and Garfunkle! You, dear, may be a young woman, but, you have an old soul! LOL This is neat!


    2. starsunflowerstudio January 4, 2012 1:44 pm

      Thanks so much Su! I have seen but not the site. Very cool! Thanks so much. I was looking at this item the other day, it's very interesting:

      "The Voynich manuscript is a mysterious, undeciphered illustrated book. It is thought to have been written in the 15th or 16th century. The author, script, and language of the manuscript remain unknown."

    3. Angela January 4, 2012 6:39 pm

      The Voynich manuscript is quite interesting, thanks for the freebie.

    4. Sabine Malva January 6, 2012 8:50 am

      Thank you! They are amazing!

    5. SleepingBeautie January 7, 2012 9:24 am

      super pretty!

    6. Taylor @ Mama Java January 18, 2012 12:50 am

      Oh, this kit is GORGEOUS. Please tell me you're planning on making a blog template out of this! I absolutely love the patterns and images. Droolworthy, I tell you.

    7. Susan Smith January 18, 2012 1:43 am

      @Taylor @ Mama Java Thanks so much! I do plan on making a bunch more blogger templates soon. I've been in the process of moving, so things are pretty hectic for me at the moment. I'll definitely consider using this kit. 🙂

    8. Anonymous December 11, 2013 5:32 am

      Thank you SO MUCH! This is absolutely perfect for my trip to the mission ruins of New Mexico! It's so hard to find appropriate themes the more uniqe subjects. I'm so grateful to you for thinking outside the box and making this set!

      • Susan Smith December 12, 2013 9:06 pm

        You're welcome! Glad you like it – have fun!

    9. line March 29, 2020 7:32 pm

      mind reuploading them, please?


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