Free CU Retro Vintage Layer Styles and Fonts to Use Them With

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Free CU Retro Vintage Layer Styles and Fonts to Use Them With

September 9, 2011
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I’m working on a poster and have been playing around with some blending options with photo shop. Some folks may find the layer styles useful, so I figured they were worth a share. The textures used to make the patterns are a new freebie from FudgeGraphics, and the free fonts follow the vintage retro text effects preview. Keep in mind that these files are a “sandbox” of sorts and in rough draft stage. I’m sure that some will still appreciate them.

They have a wood type, stamped, faded, worn out grunge sort of feel to them. I’ll likely make some different patterns too, as this was my first try.

These styles are for very very large 300 DPI image with large text. I didn’t have time to package them up in a smaller styles version.

free vintage letterpress photoshop layer styles block type

This file contains 2 large PSD



Now for the Fonts

In response to the comic sans story and in defense of free fonts:



    Font Banner - Free Fonts

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