Free CU Digital Scrapbook Kit – Happy Day

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Free CU Digital Scrapbook Kit – Happy Day

June 12, 2011
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To those of you who’ve been looking forward to this free digiscrap kit, it has finally made it!!! It has been a busy week, and my DSL connection is really really slow compared to most.

We decided to have dinner at a local restaurant Saturday night that has smokin’ fast DSL. What takes 5 hours at home takes 15 minutes (for uploads) here. This speed of connection is definitely painful for those into digital scrapbooking, as typically the file sizes for full size papers and elements packs are very large.  If I upload/download anything at home it brings the whole network to a crawl and people complain, lol.  Guess it’s one of the things I have to put up with living in a podunk town. If we would have been 1 house over, we wouldn’t have been able to get DSL at all! So without further a due, here’s the scrap kit! And here’s the credits.

Download Happy Day Papers 1

Download Happy Day Papers 2

Download Happy Day Papers 3

Download Happy Day Papers 4

Download Happy Day Elements



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