7 Useful Resources for Flat Design

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7 Useful Resources for Flat Design

August 26, 2013
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It is clear that the flat design trend is going to be sticking around for a while. If you’re looking for some resources and tutorials to get started quick, these seven constructive resources should give you a good jump start into learning more about flat design.

1. Flat Design Tutorial

Flat Design Tutorial, web design, flat ui, flat design
Flat Design Tutorial – How to create a Flat Style Navigation

2. Flat UI Color Picker

flat design, flat ui, flat ui design, web design
Flat UI Color Picker

3. Flat UI Pro

flat design, flat ui, web design

Flat UI Pro

4. Square UI

flat design, flat ui, web design

Square UI

5. The Bricks

flat design, flat ui, the bricks ui, web design
flat design, flat ui, web design, web development
The Bricks Addons

6. Inspiration

flat ui, flat design, flat design gallery
Flat Design Showcase

7. Treehouse Design School



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