25 Beautiful Seamless Patterns for Web Design Inspiration

25 Beautiful Seamless Patterns for Web Design Inspiration

February 2, 2011
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Every now and then one needs a little jump start to get those creative juices flowing when designing a website.   When I’m experiencing a creative block, creative sites that offer free resources, textures and patterns always get me back in the groove again.  I’ve put together this hand picked set of patterns for you, to help keep your creativity flowing when designing for blog and web. Enjoy!

Tip: If you’re designing with gimp check out this pattern overlay tutorial. If you’re designing in Photo Shop and would like to have a .pat file, open the seamless pattern via Edit>Define Pattern to use it in your PSD web template mock-up. You can then save your chosen patterns as a set via Blending Options>Pattern Overlay>Arrow Button>Save Patterns to save them as a set. You must clear out all of your patterns to save just one set.  I keep a master set of all of my patterns for ease of re-loading.  This also works great when syncing files between multiple computers! 🙂



Stylized Clouds by: Pattern8


Teal Website Backgrounds For Awake WP theme by: WebTreats

Prestige Cod by: DinPattern

Karachi by: DinPattern

Pattern Cooler

to cos by: sztefeqqxbb

ManekineClover by: Ketisse

Found by: DinPattern

Coffee Website Backgrounds For Awake WP theme by: WebTreats

Sand Dollar by: luckylee2b

Funky Wedding Cake by: rafferty

Minimal Floral by: Pattern8

Paper Flower by: DinPattern

Leafy Green by: Pattern8

One Morning by: faith4faith

Spearmint by: faith4faith

Soft Purple Website Backgrounds For Awake WP theme by: WebTreats

Grungy Organic by: Pattern8

White Washed Blue & Beige Grunge Patterns 3 by: Webtreats

Destroyed Gothic by: Pattern8

Rich Black Website Backgrounds For Awake WP theme by: WebTreats

Seamless Paper Patterns by: Webtreats




    1. jarmaine | business cards February 4, 2011 1:16 am

      Lovely patterns! Especially liked the Karachi, I'm into those types of patterns right now, consider it a phase lol. Almost painted one wall of my room in a similar-styled pattern. Liked the Spearmint one as well, thanks for these!

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    3. johnman danerson October 30, 2012 9:10 am

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